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In our office we use this amazing software that integrates town planning  with the latest satelite photography. Once you submit your details on our 'Quote Request Form'on the right hand side of this page, we will send a free written quote via email, specific to your home including pictures, generally within a few hours.

Here at external cleaners we have created ease of management for property owners/managers,
by providing a fully automated external cleaning service for asset protection, health and safety
and aesthetics.

We are a well oiled, seamless service machine. That produces an absolutely perfect, predictable result every single time.

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Price guide for pressure cleaning
Price guide for roof cleaning
Price guide for house washing

of this page, we will send a free written quote via email, specific to your home including pictures, generally within a

Great Hints on Mould Control

Did you know – all those expensive brand bleaches you buy in the supermarket have one common active ingredient - sodium hypo-chlorite (pool chlorine). This can be bought from your pool supply shop for around 70c per litre. To make bleach mix 1 part chlorine 5 parts water. It's that easy, and only a fraction of the cost.

Easy to make solution for household mould control:

  • Use required personal protective equipment as recommended by supplier.In a small spray bottle mix 1 part pool chlorine 5 parts water – for every litre add 1 table spoon of  dishwashing detergent.Spray on affected area.Gently and I mean lightly go over area with a brush or broom for only a few seconds.Leave solution on for about 5 minutes.
  • Hose off.………….I know "it's like magic"

The mix of seven chemicals and detergents that we use at External Cleaners for house washing are a closely guarded secret. However we can say that they are environmentally friendly, perfectly safe on your plants and gardens and do a far better job than the mixture mentioned above which most house washers use.

House/Building Washing

Before After

Having us wash your house with our secret blend will kill spiders, wasps and mould. It will also
dissolve spider webs and help prevent mould regrowth.

1 good reason to clean your roof

Health~for those of us that aren't aware, that green / black tinge that appears on your roof and those round motley circles' are forms of mould and lichen moss. Periodically millions of microscopic spores are released from this mould & moss. Sometimes the only sign of a problem is persistent ill health of the buildings occupants, such as headaches, nausea, respiratory symptoms, etc. It is now common knowledge that mouldy buildings can present a serious health risk to occupants. A leading cause of asthma, and here most of us are living under a perfect mould farm.

Once you see the difference – the other reasons become obvious.

"Sometimes it's best to let the results speak for them selves"

Terracotta tile Cement tile


Gutter guard is not the answer  

After 17 years of cleaning gutters, 12 of which installing gutter guard, we have realised that the cost benefit of gutter guard is in the negative. The plastic type system holds sticks and debris in place accelerating the blocking process creating premature blockages. While finer expensive types that screw onto your gutters and or roof require cleaning less often when they do need to be cleaned the cost is almost the same as original instillation. No gutter guard will stop pollution soot, dust, fine particles and seeds from entering the gutter.

Within 12 to 18 months a sludge builds up in the gutter, the shadow that the gutter guard casts doesn't let water evaporate and the result is thick green moss and sludge that not only blocks up, but overloads the gutters weight bearing capacity. We have also found, the screws used to install these types of gutter guard compromise the rust proofing integrity of the roof and gutters as well as causing bi-metallic corrosion on aluminium gutters.

Gutter Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning

"Pressure cleaners" aren't "pressure cleaners"

The technology behind pressure cleaning these day's has gained another dimension. Gone are the days of back breaking work using a traditional wand / gun, water wastage and damaging something you're trying to clean.

The quality and advancement in this technology has produced thousands of specialised machines and attachments to suit almost any application. Without water wastage, damaging surfaces or back breaking work. Here at External Cleaners we are at the forefront of the industry utilising all the latest technology and actually partaking in design and exhaustive testing before incorporating them into our standard operating procedures.
This technology combined with the extensive training that goes into our teams produces an amazing and consistent result for our clients.

We have evolved methods and technology including water recovery & recycling that keeps clients like major fast food outlets, government, councils, schools, home owners & property managers.

Concrete Cleaning

At External Cleaners we have perfected pressure cleaning systems, methods and procedures to the extent that we can remove oil, grease, mould, moss, paint, dirt grime, fat, lime, calcium, if fact, virtually anything from your hard surface flooring. 

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