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We provide a range of pressure cleaning solutions for all your exterior needs.  From driveways and paths to roofs, gutters, houses, sheds, shade sails and fences.

If you are selling your property or if your house needs a freshen up, a roof clean, house wash and driveway clean can make a dramatic improvement to the overall look of your property.

For bush fire and storm season, it is imperative to keep your gutters free of debris.

If you have soloar panels, regular cleaning will ensure you are generating energy at their full potential

Customer satisfaction is very important to us and repeat customers really are the back bone of our business.  In order to achieve repeat custom we focus on development, using the latest technology, procedures, refinement and integrity.

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 Great Hints on Mould Control 

Did you know – all those expensive brand bleaches you buy in the supermarket have one common active ingredient – sodium hypo-chlorite (pool chlorine). This can be bought from your pool supply shop for around 70c per litre. To make bleach mix 1 part chlorine 5 parts water. It’s that easy, and only a fraction of the cost.

    Easy to make solution for household mould control:

  • Use required personal protective equipment as recommended by supplier.In a small spray bottle mix 1 part pool chlorine 5 parts water – for every litre add 1 table spoon of dishwashing detergent.Spray on affected area.Gently and I mean lightly go over area with a brush or broom for only a few seconds. Leave solution on for about 5 minutes.
  • Hose off.………….I know “it’s like magic”

The mix of seven chemicals and detergents that we use at External Cleaners for house washing are a closely guarded secret. However we can say that they are environmentally friendly, perfectly safe on your plants and gardens and do a far better job than the mixture mentioned above which most house washers use.

 Client Testimonials 
  • A couple of weeks ago we got External Cleaners to do a house wash at our property in Indooroopilly before it was to be painted. Our house is a large Queenslander and is heritage listed. They did a wonderful job, so much so that we cancelled the painting. Once the house had been cleaned, it was obvious to my husband and I that painting would be futile. Well done to External Cleaners, they come highly recommended.

    T. M. Ashworth
  • I recently had Shane and Jonathan from External Cleaners clean the gutters at our unit complex. They have been cleaning the gutters every 4 months for the past 3 years, but this was the first time I was actually home to see them in action. Within 15 minutes they had a rope safety system spanning all of our 17 units, and within two hours they were finished the job. Unbelievable, these two chaps have turned gutter cleaning into an art form. If all the crews at External Cleaners operate like Shane and Jonathan the company gets my vote.

    Margaret Strauss
  • We would like to say ‘thank you’ to Riley McDermid, and the firm External Cleaners, who recently cleaned our entire tiled roof, paths and driveways. It has really made a big difference to the look of our house and excellent job. We like the professional way the work was carried out and the type of equipment used. For a prompt and friendly service we highly recommend to everyone. Once again thank you for an excellent job.

    W & R Clarkson
  • We own a large property management business. In our business it is hard to find tradesmen with integrity (meaning they do what they say, and by when they say there going to do it). What a breath of fresh air having to deal with Riley and his teams. We use them for programmed maintenance of all our properties, and cannot find fault, they absolutely do operate like clockwork. We have reduced our basic management time drastically by putting our properties on programmed maintenance schedules with External Cleaners. What a pleasure.

    D.G. Kelly
  • Dear Riley,
    I am driven to write you following your patient and non-compromising attitude to your recent undertaking at our home in Bridgeman Downs. As an older home owner, I believe that old fashioned service, pride and respect, were sadly lost in this day and age. Happily in your case these idioms survive.
    Thank you for an excellent outcome. May your cheerfulness and courtesy be adopted by your young family and all you encounter.

    T. S. Riffen