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Brisbane Pressure Cleaning & Concrete Cleaning – call 1300 766 108

YES, We Can Operate Under Current Water Restrictions 

Queensland Water Commission have given us permission to operate under the Level 6 restrictions.

Our broad spectrum of nozzles and attachments means that we have the equipment to suit any application. Combine this with our highly trained technicians, some with over 17 years experience in the high pressure cleaning industry brings to light why we are Brisbane’s most trusted pressure cleaning company.

YES,  We Do Recycle Our Water

To compliment our standard pressure cleaning services. Here at External Cleaners we have a unique water recovery system designed for indoor pressure cleaning such as eatery floors and environmentally sensitive sites where waste water needs to be recovered. This water is then re-used creating a complete environmentally sound system using little to no water.            


YES,  We Do Programmed Pressure Cleaning

For our clients in the commercial sectors eg: McDonalds, Red Rooster, pubs clubs & hotels, schools, councils and government as well as strata and body corporate and management fields, we offer a service that creates ease of management and frees up your valuable time.

We understand that you are busy people, our system is fast efficient and full proof.

Here at External Cleaners we service over 900 properties on a programmed maintenance schedule to cover their^ individual concrete* cleaning needs.

^ Common areas, car parks, drive ways, drive thru, stairs & stair wells, paths, dinning areas, etc.

* concrete, pavers, tiles, stencil crete, decorative crete, exposed aggregate, pebble crete, terrazzo, tennis & basketball courts, bitumen, asphalt, retaining walls, block work, sandstone, limestone - virtually any hard surface. 

Why a programmed clean?

  • basic cleaning maintenance does not get forgotten, once on our system a work order is generated exactly when the programmed clean is required.

  • health and safety compliance remains intact – Your floors stay clean and free of
    potential slip hazards.

  • keeps insurance valid ( slippery black/green mould is a slip hazard in common
    areas and where public has access)

  • frees up managerial time – Our computer systems do all the managerial work
    (reminders, work orders and invoicing)

  • peace of mind

  • aesthetics

What does the system remove?      

At External Cleaners we have perfected pressure cleaning systems, methods and procedures to the extent that we can remove oil, grease, mould, moss, paint, dirt grime, fat, lime, calcium, if fact, virtually anything from your hard surface flooring. 

Concrete Sealing / Masonry Sealing

Sealing of concrete, pavers and masonry products helps to prevent staining and reduces corrosion, yet leaves a perfectly natural finish that is not caused to yellow. There is only one product we use and recommend that is perfectly suited to south-east Queensland climate and presents the stone in it’s natural state.

Brisbane Pressure Cleaning Pricing

Single stage pressure cleaning                  Starting from $ 0.33 per meter square (plus GST)
( removes dust and loose particles)

Two stage pressure clean                           Starting from $ 1.43 per meter square (plus GST)
( 3000 psi @ 30lt p/min = awesome cleaning power)
includes oil removal - everybody’s favourite 

The ultimate                                                     Starting from $ 4.40 per meter square (plus GST)
Acid wash + Hypo wash + Two stage pressure clean
(perfect pre-paint / pre-seal floor preparation)

The ultimate plus sealing                              Starting from $ 9.90 per meter square (plus GST)
Acid wash + Hypo wash + Two stage pressure clean

** Please note that minimum call out rates will apply and a 2% surcharge will be added to all jobs which are paid for via credit card.

Please note there are other site specific services we offer (paint, grease, graffiti removal etc.) which have to be inspected to ascertain there costing.

~ Fill out the Quote Request Form on the right hand side of this page for a free written quote sent to your email, generally within a few hours~

Building Washing / Exterior Building Cleaning

A large part of our service here at External Cleaners includes commercial, office, schools, fast food, government and industrial buildings. We also understand the necessity for the out of hour’s requirements for these types of high traffic property’s. Here at External Cleaners we have teams that work night, weekends and public holidays to cater for these high traffic environments, to minimise customer disruption.

commercial building cleaning
commercial building cleaning
industrial building washing
industrial building washing
pressure washing
cleaning government building
Communications tower cleaning


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